Life ain’t perfect 

Have you ever praised Jesus one week only to ignore Him the next? Perhaps it did not even take a week. Maybe it was a few days or a few hours or, dare I say, just a few minutes. We, and I am including me, are quick to offer praise when Jesus is being who we think He should be. Yet we are quick to question Him when the circumstances of our lives are not how we wish them to be. When we do that, we are no different than the people who laid down palm branches to honor Him one day and spit on Jesus just a few days later.

Many times we feel that because we are believers in God’s Word that nothing is going to happen to us. Also many unbelievers feel what’s the point to believe when it seems like there more problems for the righteous.  Yes we are constantly going through trials and tribulations and many will tell us to give up just like Job’s wife. But we must hold on to our faith and know the difference is we have a heavenly Father that is there and will see us through. He can and will bring you out of these trials and tribulations if you don’t give up and turn your back on him. Remember the times when all had look impossible and you wanted to throw in the towel but that voice told you to hold on a bit longer and you did and now your here.  Well today I say continue to hold on.


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