Go for it

All you need are the right people in your corner with the same determine mind set and there is no stopping you. Not everyone you associated with will be the right person to work with. Some just talk and show no action behind it and others will try to discourage you and then there a few that are jealous and hoping that you don’t achieve you goal. Some plans you can’t share with everyone you need to wait until after it’s accomplish to share with them. I see some sacrifice will be in order but if it’s the right time then I’m there.



Take a stand

We work so hard and go beyond expectations because of our work ethics and you stop and see that once again you are being overlooked and the possibility of being of someone coming over you making more money is getting more real by the moment. All that hard work and late nights, texts and stress for nothing? To be looked at by others as being worthless. I maybe be wrong especially in this day and age but if that’s the case I will have to let my pride take the best of me and resigned. There no way I can sit back and train someone that will be making more than me. Sorry just can’t deal with that daily pain of humiliation and knowing all I have done was in vain. Lord if it’s your will I trust you will supply my needs and open the door that is needed. I have so many mixed feelings that it horrible but staying in that dept is not an option for me at all. There comes a time when your faith will be tested can you pass the test. Sooner or later time will tell. Preparing my mind mentally if this shall be my fate.


God got the right door for you

Many times we feel like God has forgotten about us as we want things fix now and when we want it like the spoil child we are. God is not a genie in a lamp that we just call on for wishes and dreams to come true. God needs us to show love, worship him and show him that we are thankful for life and the things he has granted us. We also need to show patience and not be so quick to try to fix everything ourselves as we may end up with a bigger mess. When God is ready to open the right door for you it will lead you down a path that will be good when we open doors it lead to short term happiness and the wrong one into confusion. Lord today we ask for patience and understanding to deal with the doors you will open for us as these doors will only lead us to happiness and what we need.🙏😀❤️