Whose by your side

Know who is by your side. Sometimes we keep those who do us wrong closer than those who care for us. We are quick to forgive the ones that give us the most pain and then the one who mess up once we throw away so quickly. Need to exam who is really benefitting your life.


Faith to hold on

Life is filled with difficult times where chaos comes out of know where and it seems as it won’t end. Know that you will get through this. Don’t give up on your faith and in yourself as each struggle helps you become a stronger person. At the end of the day there are things you truly have no control of you just have to pray for the strength to go on.

Word of the day is calmness

When we encounter situation in our life’s the way we react can change the whole outcome. If you get to excited a small issue can become a bigger battle than what you are prepared for. Fire needs water not gasoline. Remain calm and analyze the situation at hand and thing about the ways it can be handled. I know some issues are so emotional that all you can do is react and think later but how many times have you done that and realized you made an simple issue last longer than it should have. Instead of the flames being extinguished you restarted the fire leading to more damage than it originally created. Calmness is our word for the day as we have no idea what’s coming our way but we are preparing our minds to remain calm and not be haste so there will be no regrets. 🙏❤


We can always point fingers at others and forget once again to look at ourselves. Why do we have different standards for others than we have for ourselves? The funny part is its not like we put our standards up we actually lower it and then expect others to meet our high standards that we have set for them. Mistakes are made by many and instead of helping and understanding we criticize them like we have never fallen short. Oh that man in the mirror is truly something else at times. We must learn to humble ourselves so we will think faster than we point fingers, more willing to help than to gossip. As Jesus had tell the merchants and the people who wanted to stone the woman who had sin that those without sin cast the first stone everyone drop it as they realize they too have some form of sin. Not perfect but striving for it may never make it but will work at it. Learn to help each other instead of bringing them down as they are already dealing with the hurt and frustration so they don’t need your help feeling worst. In life there are some mistakes that will never be forgotten due to the effects it caused so you just have to face it and learn from it. ❤🙏



Prayer is not rushing into God’s presence, asking Him for a few things quickly, and dashing out again. Prayer is a battle. It is in prayer that spiritual battles are won and lost. Refer to Ephesians 6:13–17

When we pray and it seems as if your pray is not being answered don’t give up on your request but stop and think if your request is truly necessary right now. Not everything we ask for is what we need at this moment. 🙏❤


Push your way

We wake up many mornings thankful for life but at the same time just not feeling able to make it through. You push your way because there’s work to be done, money to be made and bills to pay because life goes on. The pattern is one sometimes you wish can be alter but the reality is as long as your alive there will be needs that must be met and some wants. Just have to push yourself through another day. The body not willing the mind is compromising so the heart and soul must take over and push you through. So get up and do it one more time because you can and should as you never know when you truly won’t be able to. ❤🙏


Not alone

Know matter what we go through each day it’s a blessing to know that your not going through it alone. Many times we face situations that we may not be able to share with our love ones or even if we do they can’t really assist us but, God got you and he’s able to get you through the toughest event in you life. Hang in there he’s listening and working out for you right now!❤🙏


Some questions are asked with the answered already being known. Just waiting to see the response. So that’s why it’s best to be honest or you may get caught in a lie. Once trust is loss it hard to move pass that. How can you believe anything is real when you catch a liar. Also I believe if you caught in a lie within 24 hrs you should confess to avoid the pain and loss that this has caused. No one is perfect and that’s understandable that’s why when you fall you should address the issue right away.