Good Friday

On this Good Friday remember the same way they thought Jesus story was over on this day your story is not over you will rise again better than before. You are royalty so walk in your glory and Blessings 😎🤗🙏


What’s behind the smile

You see the smile, but deep down she feels she could die, you see the push to achieve but didn’t see all those that pull her back, the deceit that she’s keeping from those she trust. You see a tissue and say it’s a cold when in fact it’s tears running down her nose. She stands strong at least that’s what you see while she crumble inside saying Lord help me. You overlook her struggles and say she’s all together when all she needs is that time and security to stand. She watches all and try not to fall. She strive because she hopes to survive although at times it seems impossible she still hears with God all things are possible. As night comes she lay awake, wondering is it too late. Is it too late to fight, is it too late to pray. Is it too late to live.