Tree in shock


My tree outside my room look like its in shock with its mouth open. As we prepare for hurricane Sandy the wind is truly blowing. Hoping everyone remains safe as its kind of concerning as we have wind of 55 mph and Sandy hasn’t come in yet the tides are high and our subway is shut down and manhattan is getting flood already so some of that salt water might take out our subway system it will be interested what happens in the next couple of hours when the hurricane truly hit.



Just a random thought on this Friday πŸ™‚ so if you go to a game show and end up winning a jacuzzi and know you live in a small apartment what do you do with your prize. Yes you can sell it but before it can be sold you have to bring it home and store it some where. Are really a winner after all. πŸ™‚

Fix it now

We know that we should eat properly, avoid smoking and excessive drinking and start to exercise and take care of our bodies more, so we will live longer and slow down the process of many disease that are hereditary, but we don’t do it and some may say what is wrong with this picture. You know what is needed but everything else seems to that precedent. The doctors are telling us to change our ways and we hear it but we don’t seem to comprehend. We continue to smoke, take drugs, drink excessively and eat all the wrong foods as if we are invincible. We all can look at ourself and perhaps relate that we are doing something that’s not good for us but we do it any way. We need to learn to avoid problems before they become irreversible and we sit on our hospital beds hoping to turn back time at least for a couple of years, month, days, hours or even seconds. However life don’t work like that we have to try and prevent heartache that can be deter.

Stay alert

The latest news in New Jersey is this man driving around trying to kidnap children it’s crazy. We must tell our children remain alert and don’t talk to strangers and I have to say especially if they are in a vehicle. So far the children have fought back so no victims as of now but you just have to wonder why this is on the raise. This man is probably having problems in his life and feel the need to gain control and kidnapping or sexual assault is his way. When women are rape it’s all about taking away control from them so the suspect can feel that he is in control over her life. We need to help these people who think its ok to destroy these children and women body and self-esteem. There are to many victims that are out there that are hurting and feel as its there fault but its not its the criminal fault and you can get back to where you were before this horrible crime took place it will take time but you can do it. Each day tell yourself that your beautiful and will get stronger and make it through. One day at a time. Pray will strengthen you!


Don’t you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize? So run to win! (1 Corinthians 9:24 NLT)
Do your best at all you do and never give up even as you get tired as your prize is waiting for you. Hold on just a little while longer. It will be worth it, continue to follow your dreams they can become reality! Run Forest Run πŸ™‚

Do we have a future?

Living in NYC is great but as the years go bye the constant threat of terrorizing continue to haunt us daily. September 11, 2001 is a time I will never forget as I worked in Tower One and its only by God’s grace and mercy he found it fit for me to be here. In life we all have a mission and mines I believe is to help someone who feel hopeless to know that they are not alone. Today on the news they mention how they stop a plot that would have killed hundreds in New York it’s just sad that our children have to live in fear and when we travel on our streets in the city we have to see police arm with machine guns like they in the military. The terrorist caught was here on a student visa. Many sincere people do travel here to gain education but those that are plotting to destroy us makes you wonder should we continue allowing others to come here. My family is from overseas so would it be fair if they was not given this opportunity the answer is no as I do feel there more good than bad but just hard living in these times when a daily walk down a beautiful city could lead to you running for your life as a bomb may be ready to go off. Those countries that deal with war on a daily basis my heart has always gone out for them and wonder how they do it. How do you teach a child how to shoot to kill in order to survive. Are you ever able to sit down without hearing sirens going off and having the military walking up and down your roads as if your prisoners. Life is not suppose to be like this and I wonder what is the solution can there be peace, what will happen to our children in years to come?