Tomorrow isn’t promised

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If you knew tomorrow was the end what would you do differently today🤔 would you say sorry to that one your holding a grudge with? Would you say I love you to all you took for granted? Or would you just sit and do nothing because of you stubbornness😣 tomorrow is not promised but today is still an opportunity for you to make a change.

As long as…

As long as there’s breathe, there’s life

As long as there’s life, there’s opportunity 

As long as there’s opportunity, there’s blessing 

As long as there’s blessing,  there’s grace

As long as there’s grace, there’s mercy
Keep holding on in spite of what it look like. Testing your faith,  endurance and humbleness.


Life ain’t perfect

Have you ever praised Jesus one week only to ignore Him the next? Perhaps it did not even take a week. Maybe it was a few days or a few hours or, dare I say, just a few minutes. We, and I am including me, are quick to offer praise when Jesus is being who we think He should be. Yet we are quick to question Him when the circumstances of our lives are not how we wish them to be. When we do that, we are no different than the people who laid down palm branches to honor Him one day and spit on Jesus just a few days later.


Whose changing, you say that I’m the one whose acting different but you forgot about what led me to act this way.🤔 All was well until your head started to swell with envy. Thought we were tight and could stick together throughout the night but now I realize that this was never real. You had like the idea of having someone by your side when you was down and out.  That safety net was what I was and it was find for your phony behind,  but through prayers and me being real the truth was finally revealed.  My eyes were open to the nonsense that others saw and ran from.  I had your back for a fact but you played that you didnt even know me from Jack.  When I was down you showed your colors and laugh, probably wishing it was my last. But you forgot that I serve a living God that sits up high and looks down low and see all the hate and fakes.  Do I  wish you wrong no, because I will not step down to the level that your on. You forgot how much I know you so when you do things it’s just to try to get to me. It did at first but now its a laugh. I remove the negative vibes that was around me and boy I can surely see. The rain, the fog, the snow its all cleared and gone. The weight is lifted; the weight is gone and I finally was able to say so long. 


​Ever wonder what life would be like if all your worries were gone, what would you do with all that time? Would you still remember to pray and thank God for another day? Would you treasure your love ones and let them know your their and they have nothing to fear? Would you travel more or be just a bore living a life without meaning or care?  Could it be these worries we face is whats making us go on? Helping us to know that there much to live for and nothing should be taking for granted. Suppose these problems are what give us the strength to fight for our love ones and to realize that Lord, I do need you to make it through, because clearly I don’t know what to do. Perhaps our worries are not all bad but the key to opening doors that we would have overlooked. In the end we give God thanks for everything,  for our life and the strength to deal with and face our worries and troubles.

#thankful #trustgod