Prince Charming who

Many times we vision what we would like to find in a companion mostly we say yes he needs to be talk, dark , and handsome or she got to have that hour glass figure tall legs and long hair. The reality is we may never find someone that fit that criteria so what do we do over look the one that is by your side and wiling to see you through it all because he don’t fit what you had in mind. So many people loose out on mr or ms wonderful because they can’t look beyond their fairy tale vision. Yes some day my prince will come but will it be this century or has he already came but you can’t look beyond what is in front of you. Prince Charming should be based on his inner self as at the end of the day you need to know who you are with and are they there for you as well how sincere is their love for you. If you only focus on outward appearance and not on the inner man you will find yourself in trouble as that outer appearance will one day change and then what will you have? Someone that have no interest or love for you. Don’t be quick to overlook that so call ugly duckling as with the right person the swan will soon appear. ❤🙏




I have discuss this topic before and will continue as my writing is based off of experience and my feelings on a topic. You can not allow people to take away your joy of any kind as its not worth it, especially when you can remove yourself from that negative vibes. In life we experience happiness, anger, sadness and even jealousy as these are just emotions we have acquired through every day living some can be controlled more so than others. In you day to day meetings with others there is an emotion felt and depending on the type you either want to experience it again or never. If you was with someone that brought joy that’s who you will always want to be with or look for those qualities. Where there’s good emotions so are the bad ones the one we have to learn to get over and hide deep within and our hopes is that they will never be stir up or resurface once again. Years can past and you can feel as if you have moved forward until someone say or do an action that start the pot turning and the bubbling and overflow. How could this be from what may seem like a simple action our word from someone but our minds takes certain actions and words as key to mean more or equal something. It’s like when you are being observed and they show you the picture of the blotted butterfly not everyone see the butterfly some see something more an emotion that was hiding. Disney world to most can represent good times but suppose something horrible took place there it would no longer represent happiness for you. It will lead to flash backs of times you wish you could have forgotten but now that they have resurface what the next step? If you was in an emotionally abusive relationship and you see something similar in your current one the first instinct is to run away from what you know as pain. Not to often will you stick around to see what might happens even if it could be different this time around. Life experience truly can control your outlook on what you allow to get close to you. At the same time you have to try and not let it put you back into sadness and that helpless feeling or even anger that needs to be release and is slowly building up in you. How to gather those emotions and but them back to bed once again and hopefully for good or can they really be deleted I think not. We can hide them but as they resurface once they will do so once again but you need to be prepare and stronger for the next time around. Whatever it maybe know that you can and will defeat it again it didn’t destroy you the first time so it’s not this time especially since you are more aware than before. ❤🙏

Ephesians 4:29

When you talk, do not say harmful things, but say what people need—words that will help others become stronger. Then what you say will do good to those who listen to you. (Ephesians 4:29 NCV)
Don’t bring others down help encourage them as a kind word may just be what someone needs to make it through another day😇. There are stories of how a person needed to make a decision and just from the words of others help them decide on their next move. Words can make you or break you so as said many times please think twice before you speak as the damage will be already done once those words leave your lips.

Fear not

I am The Lord your God, who holds your right hand, and I tell you, ‘Don’t be afraid. I will help you.’ (Isaiah 41:13 NCV)

What a blessing to know that we are not alone during our daily travel. When it seems we are alone because our love ones are not around no worries as God is right there by your side. What more can you ask for than to have our Heavenly Father on our side. In the midnight hour he’s there; in the morning he’s there any time you need him he’s there just call on him and he will see you through.

Ephesians 2:8-9

God’s grace has saved you because of your faith in Christ. Your salvation doesn’t come from anything you do. It is God’s gift. It is not based on anything you have done. No one can brag about earning it.

It’s good to know that our Heavenly Father looks beyond our faults and continue to provide blessings our way. We are here today not because of any goodness we have done but because our God decided to give us one more chance to get it right. What a mighty God we serve, when you stop and really think of his goodness and mercy toward us. So many times we get caught up in our own world that we forget who created us, let us be thankful God did not forget about us. Take this moment and say thank you Lord for remembering me❤

Live and Learn

When we get hurt there are so many emotions that come in our minds. One is how could I have allow this to happen. Did I see it coming? You maybe surprise but the warning signs were there but at one point you said no that was the time it was probably starting. We can’t turn back the clock but we can take each day and treasure all we learned. Some good and others bad but all an experience that will make you a better you.


Ever sit back from time to time and reflect on your life and those who came in it and stayed as well as those who are gone. Each person that enters your precious life leaves an imprint of some kind with you wither it’s good or bad. Sometimes we had to make choices to let people go because they where not good for us but we did have times so you do stop and reminisce of what was and wonder what could have been. Some of these issues we encounter could have been our fault. Some could have been handle differently but either way it took place and now you are where you are. The hands of time only move forward but does allow you to look back and learn from what was. Are you better off? You would never know as with each decision leads a different outcome to our life. You truly need to think things through before reacting as you maybe turn on a path that isn’t exactly what you thought and also it maybe the best path you ever taking. It’s just life where the future is unseen but can be influence by our actions.