Life moments

In life we have moments when we are on top of the world we walk boldly into our blessings our faith is beaming and then there those moments when life gets overwhelming and your faith that had beamed from across the room becomes a dim light😑 The feeling of can I really go on😣 are things going to get better 🤔 how much more must I endure? We put our trust in God because the truth of the matter is if we lose trust in him like we lose trust in man then it’s over for us😲 We can encourage others and ourselves but there are those moments where you stop and reflect and say how, why, when, where and who? You wait for the answer and there is silence😢 you feel alone and the words of pray are loss🙏 but we must remember that life is a roller coaster ride and we do enter different season but today even when we feel hopeless try to remember the times God did come through, when he protected you, when he healed you, when he sent that blessing right on time😇 Life is not going to be perfect but I truly don’t know what I will will do if my faith leaves me completely 😣 our souls and our faith are so precious that they are always under attack! Lord we come to you to ask for strength in or faith and to protect our minds from the tricks of the enemy who truly comes to steal, kill and destroy us, but today we say No Weapon Form Against Us Shall Prosper in Jesus Precious Amen


Turn it over

Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.
Matthew 11:28 ASV

Today, get a piece of paper and write down all your troubles and at the end of the list write Lord I thank you in advance for helping me through. Now fold the paper and write Lord it’s all yours. Now while you discard the paper truly believe that your prayer was answered.
I believe change is coming but do you believe it🤔 Are you willing to have faith while you are waiting or will you give up hope 😣 we all have choices to make and trusting your faith is one of the biggest ones. God wants you to be happy and he’s asking you to trust him with your situation and believe that he will see you through this. Let’s face it it’s not the first time you been in a situation that had you discouraged, but you made it out so you will make it out of this too. Remember change takes time and a delay is not a denial of you prayer🙏🙏💓😇

Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience.
James 1:3 KJV

We go through so many things in life and there are times we find that some of our struggles are actually reoccurring onces🤔 why did this happen again😣 Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned and until we finally grow we will face this situation again and again.🤤 Many of us lack patience including me, I have it to a point but mostly we want things to happen when we want it, but life do not work like that. We can command certain things to happen in our lives but not everything is going to be given to you without a fight. You will have some moments where you will have to realized that pray 🙏is the only way for you to make it. There are times when God realize that we as his children are busy doing our own thing and tend to forget that he is God and without him we will not be here. Our communication and relationship with our Heavenly Father is a very important part of our lives. When we neglect him we will find that we are faced with more issues coming left and right😯 don’t get so high and mighty that you forget to give God thanks for everything. Take this moment and strengthen back your relationship with God but saying thank you for this day. Today take extra times to say thank you. Every time you go to the bathroom today use that moment to say thank you Lord for your Grace and Mercy and you will see that change will start. Give it a try today 😎

Give thanks

When everything is working in our favor and all our hopes and dreams come true we walk around on cloud 9 happy and forgetting that in everything we need to give thanks. You don’t just say thank you Lord when you receive the blessing you must continue to give thanks. Blessings are gifts from our heavenly father😙but if he see we don’t know how to use our gift or don’t show gratitude he will stop the blessings from coming. Do you feel like your in a drought of getting blessed🤔 Did your last blessing change you in ways that were not for the better🙊 did you allow it to remove you from God😲🤤 did you get so busy being happy that you forgot who made you and blessed you🤤😐. Now troubled has come and you running around and crying back to God to help you through 😣. He is a forgiven God and will show you his grace and mercy but first you need to have patience through this storm and reflect back on God. When you have gained back that humble connection your rainbow will appear and the storm will be over 🙏 however, if you continue along the same ungrateful path you will be back here in trouble and finding even more patience🤔 remember to always give thanks and pray.

P U S H – Pray Until Something Happens

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It’s time to humble ourselves and trust God. He say to ask and it shall be given, so it’s time to believe and get that blessing.

Tomorrow isn’t promised

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If you knew tomorrow was the end what would you do differently today🤔 would you say sorry to that one your holding a grudge with? Would you say I love you to all you took for granted? Or would you just sit and do nothing because of you stubbornness😣 tomorrow is not promised but today is still an opportunity for you to make a change.