What would you do?

 Just random thoughts please provide your answers.

It’s late and your waiting on the train platform with your three year old and an elder woman faints and fall on the train tracks. Your now recovering from a back injury. The lady is screaming help, your son is crying saying do something. The train schedule shows the train is coming in 7 mins.  To get to the token clerk you have to run to the other end of the platform and hope they are there. You look but for help on the platform and there a pregnant lady at the other end with her head phones on.  Two teenagers on the other platforms both with music on because they haven’t turned once with all the noise.

A. You tell you son to stay here and you try to help the lady even though as you bend you feel your back starting to lock

B. You run to get help while holding your son

C. You coach the elderly woman to lie down on the tracks until you get help. She still screaming saying don’t let me die



Random Thoughts

Your friend invited you to another friend going away party for his son to college.  Lots of people are there and the son gets about $1,000 for him going away to college the parents give this heart touching speech how proud they are and thank you all because times been extremely hard paying off medical bills since they loss their jobs. It’s late and you leave the party and about three blocks away you see two guys that were at the party in counting money and they say..we hit the jackpot tonight.  Your tired and can’t believe they stole the money what’s the chance of that.  However they spot you and corner you and say if we get caught because of you we coming to get you. they push you and you walk away  they yell out we know you live on……street and your amaze that they know this

A. You turn around and confront them and let them know that  family needs that money

B. You speed walk to get home and sleep and forget about it.  After all its not your friend.

C.  You tell your friend and let him handle it. Which means you will probably be involved too.

Parenting can’t be mastered

That moment as a parent when you wonder what the hell just happened.  One minute your children are nice and cute and now they grown with attitudes. More anger than a little bit, over things and holding on to it for days. You have no bills to pay, you just see the food in the fridge but do you stop to think how they got there. No uncle Sam is not supporting you but I am. I stop and think about when I was younger did I have such attitudes and yes I did at times and we felt it was for a reason. So perhaps something never truly change and in years to come my children my be thinking and writing the same thing and look back and smile about they put me through.  Overall you have to choose your battles as parents too. If your child is a good kid not robbing and using drugs and being totally disrespectful to you then we have to let them work through the different emotions they got going on and just say a pray that they get through it and it’s nothing serious. We as adults still have our attitudes with each other so what do we expect it’s ok for us and not them.  Well yes lol but the truth of the matter our kids are dealing with things we may have never faced or even with things we did face and we reacted the exact way. Take a breath and know that parenting is based on living and learning. It’s full of curve balls but as time goes on you get better. By the time you master parenting they will be parents too going through the same thing that took years to


master. Even if we shared what we learned times would have change producing different results now with the next generation. Life you just got to go with it and keep trying and never give up on yourself or your kids.

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The wrong reaction can destroy everything that you spent a life time building. Most of the time our anger is over exaggerated and not worth the amount of energy it was given. We have to learn to stop, breathe  and think twice.  If not we will tear down buildings that took years to build and never be able to rebuild them the same again. Families are getting smaller because of petty stuff that grew to the point of an infectious disease that slowly wipe them out. This disease anger is one that can sneak up on us in a minute and without control will kill us all one way or another.  How much more are you willing to lose..Family, friends, home, job, our your life.

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Just when you thought know one cares or is listening to your pain and suffering know that God is listening and he’s getting ready to bless you. Keep your faith the current situation of hardship is temporary. It’s just the start of your training so you will come out shinning and victorious.  We are placed in situation at times to see how much endurance we have. Are you willing to keep your faith in the struggle or is it only good when times are good. Through it all you still have to find strength to say thank you  Lord for another day to get it right. If your reading this know your blessed and change is around the corner. Just claim it by repeating change is coming my way and I’m ready.