Remember love

​We plan but we don’t know what tomorrow holds, we hope that it exist to take on the plans we make. We have today so don’t let it be  wasted with anger and regrets. Remember love is whats important and will be what should be remembered. 



Double Standards 

​Why so many double standard?  Rules apply to all not just the one looking to be pardon. Excuse me if I can’t overlooked the faults that you clearly think don’t matter, until I perform the same act. Oh those double standards, you think your better at the top. Says who? I’m heading there too, so either we share it or you step a side. All these double standards, will turn me into a rebel, who once ran from trouble but now stand and demand to be recognized for who I am. So keep your double standards,  because they don’t apply to me. 

#Poetryinmotion #doublestandards #trainride 


​Ever wonder what life would be like if all your worries were gone, what would you do with all that time? Would you still remember to pray and thank God for another day? Would you treasure your love ones and let them know your their and they have nothing to fear? Would you travel more or be just a bore living a life without meaning or care?  Could it be these worries we face is whats making us go on? Helping us to know that there much to live for and nothing should be taking for granted. Suppose these problems are what give us the strength to fight for our love ones and to realize that Lord, I do need you to make it through, because clearly I don’t know what to do. Perhaps our worries are not all bad but the key to opening doors that we would have overlooked. In the end we give God thanks for everything,  for our life and the strength to deal with and face our worries and troubles.

#thankful #trustgod