No suicide

LORD not sure why I had to write this poem and who it’s for but if someone is thinking about suicide, please don’t do it. God loves you and there help out there. My spirit keep coming back to this.

NO Suicide
My tears flow and my cries are loud to my ears yet
Know one seems to care. Don’t you see my pain
And the fears that are driving me insane? Is this
Real or just a dream that is only affecting me.
Could we really be in a world that don’t care?
We are here asking, pleading and bleeding for
Help. Is anyone out there? My heart is aching with
This disbelief that I really stand here alone. I
Wipe my tears and look at my fears and realized
I have to face them, defeat them and try my best
Not to run from them. This time my tears will
Be my lullaby, it will put me to sleep and help me
To meet opportunities that are waiting for me. Yes,
My tears will dry up and leave stains on my face
And my clothes will be wet but the tears are my power
my release of stress because now I realized I am the
Best. I’m still here and death didn’t take me, pain didn’t
Stop me. I pushed through when you didn’t even
Stop to see me through, you didn’t hear my cries
Hello, I almost died. But you thought it was just a
Foolish cry and not one that mattered the fact is I almost
Committed suicide. Don’t worry now, I snapped out of
It and realize I do matter even when know one else
Think I do.
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It necessary for times of hardship πŸ€”

A season of drought can actually drive you to greater devotion. It can bring you to a place of asking God to β€œdo it again.” To plead with God to come through in the ways that only he can. But it doesn’t happen naturally. It’s a choice β€” and the choice is yours.
Things will happen so we will remember who holds our hands in time of trouble.  When we are faced with hardship we also get a clearer picture of who truly got our backs. Sometimes we need a wake up call just to get out of situations that are hindering our growth and we are to blind to see at the moment. You looking but you don’t see what’s in front of you until something moves that cloud away from your eyes and everything becomes clear. We don’t like trouble in our lives but know your coming out stronger, better and a whole lot wiser.  God bless you and he will strengthen you through πŸ˜‡πŸ’–