Walk in my shoes👞👟👠👡👢

  • Take my shoes and walk a mile in it and see if you understand the pain, fear and sorrow that I face daily.   Will you finally understand me or will you be bold enough to say no big deal.  Is a mile really enough for you to feel me? Are my shoes just your size? No corns or calluses on your feet just to make this trade complete. Hmm, let’s think this through so you can truly see what I go through.  Let’s up the challenge to more than a mile, a day or a week, see you in a month that will make you complete. Completely, weak and feeling incomplete, with tears run down your face begging for this to end. A total nightmare I stepped into…my friend,  I had no clue, what it took to be you. I’m sorry for the hurt and the shame you face, the ridiculous acts of violence just because we didn’t understand what it felt like to wear your shoes. I too have issues that I face and my shoes show that I’m a disgrace for thinking the things I did, before walking in your shoes.  I learned a lot and this experience I will take with me and share with others in hope that we can stand together as one. 

Talk is cheap

More and more realizing how cheap talk is. People will give you the best talk that you feel like they got you. Until it’s time to put that talk into action. Still waiting on that action to take place. I rather you not talk and show what you can do than to talk and then just end up being a big let down.  

When your fake realize what’s at stake.

It amazing how people you thought had your back never did since, you always had theirs and didn’t need help until that one moment, when it was your turn to have someone by your side. You turn to realize that your all alone and even though you saw signs you just let it go. It hurts but now you know.  This time around I will depend on me alone.  I won’t let myself down, better yet, I can’t let myself down. I will strive and God knows this girl gonna survive.  I will be more alert so I won’t get hurt. I will still care but now I have fear. Fear of fake people who put on a good show but have no where to go. They hang on to you to get all you can give and then they leave and start to live a life of lies. I lay there and cry because I’m in disbelieve that the one I helped and called my sis, I must realize it’s time to dismiss. Good bye faker you ran a good show, but now it’s done I must go. One day you will think back on what you done but by then victory would have won. You be the one lonely without any friends wondering when this will end. Slowly your evil ways will haunt you and you be sitting there full of tears with no one around you. A sad life you will end up with and you see it wasn’t worth it. You say you don’t care but that’s just to get rid of fear. So before you turn fake realize what’s at stake .

Never alone 😊

There will be situation that you will face that your friends and family will not be able to help you with. Some walks you have to do alone but it’s good to know that we truly are not alone.  Our Heavenly Father is with us every step of the way. Gain a relationship with God you will need him