The little things

Said it so many times but it’s true the little things in life makes the difference. Little issues that we face in our relationship can turn into an obstacle that can prevent growth and hinder love. At the same time a little act of kindness and love can leave a lasting impression. It’s not about material things but the way you treat each other. You might constantly complain about something and to you its nothing  but to the other person this little constant bother is elevating to annoyance and the fuse have been lit to the bomb that is waiting to blow. No its not caused by just one problem but all the little ones stacked up that have created this bomb that may not be able to be defuse. Yes those little things can snowball into a giant landslide. Unfortunately, the little good gestures just stay as memories but can be destroyed by the bomb that was created. Yes the good stuff can start feelings to flourish and grow into love but once again those good memories


will be all you have to look back on once the count down begins and bomb goes off. Some would look and say how could this have happened others would say it took longer than they thought. Feeling are real and can withstand but so much before it’s too late.