​The storms are blowing and I’m being toss from side to side just trying to grab that branch that will be strong enough to hold me through. The other ones were weak and I ended up tumbling but I hear the Lord telling me continue holding on don’t let go even though it seems impossible right now. The storm won’t last forever it’s temporary.  How long is temporary?  Temporary is just that for a time sooner than you think. Your patience are being tested along with your faith. Will you trust me and know that through the last storms I was there and you made it through. Don’t forget my goodness and mercy that I have already shown you.😇😉💖🤔


Remember you too are Bent But Not Broken 

It’s time that you be encouraged and know your not alone on this roller-coaster ride called life.  My book is available on http://www.bentbutnotbrokenfm.com 

Protect my heart

​With the tears that fall,my heart gets shattered, When the tears dry so is the cement that is becoming a shield on my heart and emotions. You will have to use passion with compassion to slowly chip away.  It will take patience, love and dedication. My heart becomes an art that is to be viewed and admire it. There no bid high enough to get in only true love and endurance will help you enter in. Once you get in realize this is a gift to be treated with respect,  because the next walls that get build will be harder to fall.