Don’t let anger control you

“When you are angry, don’t let that anger make you sin,” and don’t stay angry all day. Don’t give the devil a way to defeat you. (Ephesians 4:26, 27 ERV)

Don’t allow yourself to be so angry or hurt that you do things that will lead to regret later on. It’s easy to think about ways of getting revenge to those that caused you pain but this is not the way.



When to be honest?

Can you be honest at all times?

It’s pretty easy to say,” “Sure, I’ll be honest. Sounds like a noble idea. Why not?” But you will never truly know if you are capable of honesty until you are tested. Honesty is not easy. It carries with it great rewards, but it is hard to put into action in certain situations.”

This passage is from a book I am currently reading and it truly makes you wonder why we usually use ethics when it’s favor us more so than its the right thing to do. So many excuses we come up with. Sometimes we may feel that we have no impact so we allow things to pass by without thinking twice. You find a bag of money you don’t turn it over to authority you keep it and say God bless me with it. But did he or does it belong to someone who loss it and may need it just as bad as you, is it fair?
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In a crowd but yet feeling alone and forgotten, have my problems but know ones there to listen or care, they all stare at me and as if I’m a alien, with no feelings, understanding or love. I ask this question where am I? There response is astounding as they ask who do I think I am, that I need to be recognized because I’m facing trouble, don’t you know that what life is! No one is better than the next! We all facing something in some form or fashion so you need to sit and chill and get yourself together as trouble is familiar to us all, its that unwanted guess that you don’t invite and don’t know when to leave. It’s free will and leaves you with that after taste so you will remember it was there. So enjoy the happy days when they come as that’s your vacation as reality is waiting on your return and its called trouble.


Stay positive


Life can be so overwhelming where you start to think as if you can’t go on and not sure where to turn. It’s like being on a merry go round and no way of making it stop so you can jump off. Our mind is so powerful that we need to be careful to what enter out thoughts. Press on as right now it seems impossible but it is possible you will make out of this sand storm that blocks your vision, it will clear up. Keep fighting through, as your almost there!❤🙏😀