When the bait is thrown out are you so fast that you just jump at it without any thought? Have you ever took time to realize not everything is for you? Even if it comes your way it may not be the right time to jump at it. In life we always want this and that and then we begin to automatically assume something is for you that you chase after the wrong thing. Don’t be so haste that you don’t take time to examine the situation to see if its truly what you want or deserve. Slow down as that bait may hook you the wrong way and trap you. Let it flow by if your not sure it’s for you.



Run from drama

Some people are truly dangerous they try to get information out of you just to use it against you. Keep your eyes open for those people who love drama as they will try to destroy you slowly. Sometimes silence is better than arguing as the more you feed into them the bigger the flames grow and harder to contain๐Ÿ™Š


2 Corinthians 3:17

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.
Turn all trouble and fear over to God he will give you the strength to make it through it all. There are some situation we have no control of and we tend to get frustrated and have a flood of emotions. When these times come we need to pray and have faith that we will make it through that issue with the help of The Lord. ๐Ÿ™


Psalm 118:24

This is the day of the Lord ‘s victory; let us be happy, let us celebrate! Given thanks for another day to get it right! It’s a blessing to be alive! Don’t take it for granted. Whatever, happened yesterday that may not have gone your way today is new day for you to make a change and make it right. Change is good and takes time.



Sometimes you just have to remove yourself from negative people and thoughts in order to remain sane. To much happens day to day that you must filter out what is beneficial for you. Not every conversation you need to be part of and not every argument you need to agree with. Is being in the mix of it all really doing you good? Focus on what will make you happy in your life.


Learning to wait

Learning to wait patiently on your blessing is not an easy task. Many times you wonder if you are waiting in vain and if you should in fact give up on what you want. Perhaps what we want isn’t what we need but we would never truly want to believe that. Have you ever wanted something and then got it and realized it wasn’t what you wanted at all? I think many can relate to even purchasing an item and then you got home and said why did I buy that now those are simple stuff, but suppose you wanted to have a lot of money so bad that instead of waiting for that promotion you decide to steal just think of all the trouble that one impatient action caused . Just thinking if you will get caught, who needs that stress and if you do get caught then jail becomes your new address not worth it. You have to just realize in life nothing comes before its time. Learning patience seems to be a lifetime lesson that is never truly mastered. However throughout time we did learn that it’s best to wait on several things instead of rushing to get into things that you may not be ready for either physically or emotionally.



Today’s positive word is integrity, so many people claim to have it until there back is against the wall. If you don’t stand for something what’s the point of standing literally. Having integrity allow others to realize your one that can be trusted. Sometimes people do things just because they want recognition or to impress others but when you have good ethics and integrity you will act the same regardless if there’s a crowd or not. Where to you stand on doing what’s right for yourself and others. Are you a flip flopper? There is nothing wrong with being someone who is honesty, trustworthy, dependable and wholesome why wouldn’t you want these as characteristic that describe who you are? Being able to believe in someone word is huge as if you can’t believe what comes out someone’s mouth what’s the point of being around them. There are times we need to reflect on those we associate with and see if they are worth keeping in your close circle. Can you count on them? Perhaps they always count on you it can’t be a one way street you can’t just give and give and when you need never receive. Just because you do good things don’t make you a door mat, you need to know that your circle truly represent who you are. If not open up that circle and let those negative spirits go as they are no use anyway.



Today’s word is humor, yes we all need to be able to laugh at life at times. You need to have a good sense of humor if you want to make it in this world. There’s a saying that God has the biggest sense of humor out there. As when we are planning one thing in our lives something totally different can take place that will turn your plans around. This is why you have to take one day at a time. Find time each day to laugh even if its at yourself at something ridiculous you did or said. Laughter is good for your health as it can help lower your pressure and reduce stress. We have so many serious moments lets add some fun ones too. Go on your Facebook, twitter or linking page and put up something funny share a joke as there maybe someone out there who needs something to lighten their mood. Have you laugh today if not go look in the mirror and just smile lets see what happens.