Give thanks

When everything is working in our favor and all our hopes and dreams come true we walk around on cloud 9 happy and forgetting that in everything we need to give thanks. You don’t just say thank you Lord when you receive the blessing you must continue to give thanks. Blessings are gifts from our heavenly father😙but if he see we don’t know how to use our gift or don’t show gratitude he will stop the blessings from coming. Do you feel like your in a drought of getting blessed🤔 Did your last blessing change you in ways that were not for the better🙊 did you allow it to remove you from God😲🤤 did you get so busy being happy that you forgot who made you and blessed you🤤😐. Now troubled has come and you running around and crying back to God to help you through 😣. He is a forgiven God and will show you his grace and mercy but first you need to have patience through this storm and reflect back on God. When you have gained back that humble connection your rainbow will appear and the storm will be over 🙏 however, if you continue along the same ungrateful path you will be back here in trouble and finding even more patience🤔 remember to always give thanks and pray.


P U S H – Pray Until Something Happens

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It’s time to humble ourselves and trust God. He say to ask and it shall be given, so it’s time to believe and get that blessing.

Tomorrow isn’t promised

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If you knew tomorrow was the end what would you do differently today🤔 would you say sorry to that one your holding a grudge with? Would you say I love you to all you took for granted? Or would you just sit and do nothing because of you stubbornness😣 tomorrow is not promised but today is still an opportunity for you to make a change.