Quitting is not an option

The great problem in our suffering is that we give up. We don’t believe we can take the pain. So we quit. We let go and give up. But quitting rarely solves anything.
If we give up we end all possibilities of things turning around and things getting back on  track  hurt and pain will win. We will face hardship its one thing we can’t escape.  It will come but how much it defeat  you is  still in your control. Are you  going to say this is it or be the author  of your  life and continue to the next chapter?  I’m choosing  to continue and let’s  see that happiness  is possible again. We welcome  every bit of it even if its just us making it  through  another  day. When you reached rock bottom the next step is up.  Remember  your  not alone  in this even though it feels that way at times.  God is there and I’m here too. 🙂


God is there with you

When you are  feeling helpless, just know you are not alone and will overcome.
It feels good when someone holds you tight. In many ways, this is a picture of the strong and loving grip of our heavenly Father. He holds His children tightly. In life’s most difficult situations, He holds on. His grip never loosens. He will never leave you behind or let go of your hand. And He promises to pull you through. God is famous for His grip.

Your one of kind

Your life is no accident. You are not here by happenstance. God put you here on purpose. He makes no mistakes. Your life has profound meaning. God sees in you what no one else has ever seen: “You are the only you he made.… You are it! And if you aren’t you, we don’t get you. The world misses out. You are heaven’s Halley’s Comet; we have one shot at seeing you