God can

http://bible.com/296/luk.1.37.GNB For there is nothing that God cannot do.โ€
Don’t give up on yourself and the situation your facing right now. It’s  temporary. There seems like there is no end or the feeling of not being able to climb back to the top. If your down now the next way is up. Stand strong and believe God for what his word says there is nothing he can’t do. By faith we can move mountains and by grace he will see us through it all. Change is coming once again. 


God has the power

Jeremiah 32:17 ERV

โ€œLord GOD, with your great power you made the earth and the sky. There is nothing too hard for you to do.

It’s a new month so it’s time to expect change and greatness. We let go of the frustration of last month and know today we turn it over to God and let him have his way. Lord all doubt I turn to you, all financial disturbances I turn to you, all health problems, I give to you.  There is nothing to hard for you.