The window is there

When the door locks behind you what will you do? Are you going to sit on the steps and cry just wishing this never happen to you? I should hope not, you will get no where fast and you will still be outside looking in. Do you look around and see what’s around you to use so you can pick the lock? This is a start that may take time but it’s in the right direction. However with every door there is usually a window near by and that’s what you do. Get to the window of your next opportunity and get back inside. Don’t stay around wondering and wasting time. The window maybe ajar so it’s easy to open or you may have to break the glass. What have we seen in many emergency exits break glass in case of emergency and that’s what you need to do. Given up is not an option that should enter your mind always think of the next step you need to take. You can only defeat you! Don’t stay down for the count get up one knee at a time but get up!