Remember you too are Bent But Not BrokenΒ 

It’s time that you be encouraged and know your not alone on this roller-coaster ride called life.  My book is available on 


Remember you too are Bent But Not BrokenΒ 

It’s time that you be encouraged and know your not alone on this roller-coaster ride called life.  My book is available on 

Learning to wait

Learning to wait patiently on your blessing is not an easy task. Many times you wonder if you are waiting in vain and if you should in fact give up on what you want. Perhaps what we want isn’t what we need but we would never truly want to believe that. Have you ever wanted something and then got it and realized it wasn’t what you wanted at all? I think many can relate to even purchasing an item and then you got home and said why did I buy that now those are simple stuff, but suppose you wanted to have a lot of money so bad that instead of waiting for that promotion you decide to steal just think of all the trouble that one impatient action caused . Just thinking if you will get caught, who needs that stress and if you do get caught then jail becomes your new address not worth it. You have to just realize in life nothing comes before its time. Learning patience seems to be a lifetime lesson that is never truly mastered. However throughout time we did learn that it’s best to wait on several things instead of rushing to get into things that you may not be ready for either physically or emotionally.


38 years

By God’s grace in a couple of days I will be 39, but before moving on time to appreciate 38! Let me take this break to concentrate on my date and it may sound fake but I feel great and have no hate. I want to initiate being jubilant because of being a live. In life we need to think that Karma is real and something that will prevail but back to 38, at times I was late but aways make it my priority to appreciate and celebrate those around me. Sometimes had to tell the naked truth that may have obliterate some people in my life. I remain positive and looked only for quality and not quantity as it does matter. So how to I rate 38, by saying each day and year that you spend is a blessing. Hey where’s my steak, hmm couple days left so have time to take a bite. Unfortunately some friends I known have pass during this time gone but never forgotten it allow you vest time in things worth investing in as you never know when xtra time will be no more and zoom past you and have you wondering what have I done or should have done. Thank you Lord for 38 and help me to be fine at 39! πŸ˜ƒβ€πŸ™


Stay focus

Why is it so easy to think the worse things and focus on negative vibes? When we hear the best is yet to come we doubt it very quickly or can’t seem to see that far ahead. Are we sabotaging our break through and success because we can’t see that far? To much negative thoughts will lead to negative results which makes you stuck and feeling its impossible. Lets make it possible! Why can’t it be better? Don’t you deserve the best? Start dwelling on how great things will be. Get ready for when it comes even if it takes time, don’t give up on it because you didn’t get it when you ask perhaps it wasn’t the right time. Don’t let that damper you positive vibes ! It’s time for a new frame of mind, a positive one that never hear the negative thoughts that come. Be stronger and believe your bless because God said so! Where my bless people at… Here I am!!β€πŸ™πŸ˜€


Faith to hold on

Life is filled with difficult times where chaos comes out of know where and it seems as it won’t end. Know that you will get through this. Don’t give up on your faith and in yourself as each struggle helps you become a stronger person. At the end of the day there are things you truly have no control of you just have to pray for the strength to go on.

Word of the day is calmness

When we encounter situation in our life’s the way we react can change the whole outcome. If you get to excited a small issue can become a bigger battle than what you are prepared for. Fire needs water not gasoline. Remain calm and analyze the situation at hand and thing about the ways it can be handled. I know some issues are so emotional that all you can do is react and think later but how many times have you done that and realized you made an simple issue last longer than it should have. Instead of the flames being extinguished you restarted the fire leading to more damage than it originally created. Calmness is our word for the day as we have no idea what’s coming our way but we are preparing our minds to remain calm and not be haste so there will be no regrets. πŸ™β€

Push your way

We wake up many mornings thankful for life but at the same time just not feeling able to make it through. You push your way because there’s work to be done, money to be made and bills to pay because life goes on. The pattern is one sometimes you wish can be alter but the reality is as long as your alive there will be needs that must be met and some wants. Just have to push yourself through another day. The body not willing the mind is compromising so the heart and soul must take over and push you through. So get up and do it one more time because you can and should as you never know when you truly won’t be able to. β€πŸ™



I have discuss this topic before and will continue as my writing is based off of experience and my feelings on a topic. You can not allow people to take away your joy of any kind as its not worth it, especially when you can remove yourself from that negative vibes. In life we experience happiness, anger, sadness and even jealousy as these are just emotions we have acquired through every day living some can be controlled more so than others. In you day to day meetings with others there is an emotion felt and depending on the type you either want to experience it again or never. If you was with someone that brought joy that’s who you will always want to be with or look for those qualities. Where there’s good emotions so are the bad ones the one we have to learn to get over and hide deep within and our hopes is that they will never be stir up or resurface once again. Years can past and you can feel as if you have moved forward until someone say or do an action that start the pot turning and the bubbling and overflow. How could this be from what may seem like a simple action our word from someone but our minds takes certain actions and words as key to mean more or equal something. It’s like when you are being observed and they show you the picture of the blotted butterfly not everyone see the butterfly some see something more an emotion that was hiding. Disney world to most can represent good times but suppose something horrible took place there it would no longer represent happiness for you. It will lead to flash backs of times you wish you could have forgotten but now that they have resurface what the next step? If you was in an emotionally abusive relationship and you see something similar in your current one the first instinct is to run away from what you know as pain. Not to often will you stick around to see what might happens even if it could be different this time around. Life experience truly can control your outlook on what you allow to get close to you. At the same time you have to try and not let it put you back into sadness and that helpless feeling or even anger that needs to be release and is slowly building up in you. How to gather those emotions and but them back to bed once again and hopefully for good or can they really be deleted I think not. We can hide them but as they resurface once they will do so once again but you need to be prepare and stronger for the next time around. Whatever it maybe know that you can and will defeat it again it didn’t destroy you the first time so it’s not this time especially since you are more aware than before. β€πŸ™

Train story

New York trains are filled with so many interesting people and adventures. Very rare will you have a dull moment. For your fare you will have a fashion show, talent shows, someone praying for your soul and snacks being sold what more can you ask for. There are varieties of music playing and someone singing or trying, gum popping, finger snapping and stories all around you some shocking and others funny but truly an amazing trip. This morning I heard these teenagers exchanging stories about being on the run and having been taser before and how it hurts. My mind goes like wow what’s going on here. One talks about the fight he had where he stomp the other guy face almost off with his Military style shoes and I look and say to myself what future do they have. The other saying he running out of places to hide in Brooklyn. The only sensible the thing that came out was the one that had mentioned fighting told the other turn yourself in as the more you run the worse it is and to try to get yourself together as there nothing on these streets. Yes a piece of wisdom came out hoping that he listen to himself and his friend wakes up before its to late and another parent has to be dealing with a loss of a child to the streets. Oh the subway filled with such diverse topics and people. The next topic was travel two women discuss their visit to China and was both surprise about Shanghai how it’s not a place you would want to go to. Found this interesting and started to wonder if its called shanghai because of its meaning as that a place of fights and high crime. According to one lady three weeks was way to long there especially after she got sick. Visiting the world is wonderful but being sick in a foreign land is terrifying as just trying to communicate and hoping their medicine agree with your body. Well that was my morning train ride that it inspire me to write this pieces I must say most of my inspiration comes on these trains not sure what it is that do it but it does. πŸ™‚