Same sex parents

I saw something very interesting that got my mind going and it may offend some so I apologize from the start. I have heard they have the book for children called I have two daddy’s or mommy’s due to same sex couples. Today was the first time seeing a three year old child talk to both men and call them each daddy. I started to wonder what this child will think when she see her friends with a mother or even both a mother and father? Will she be confused or does this child automatically think it’s normal? As parents you will then have to let this child know from the start that she was adopted since, you can not have her thinking that one of the father’s gave birth to her. How will this child feel about been adopted? Many children who are adopted go through different emotions of feeling unwanted from their parents and wondering why they were given away. Usually adopted children are told this when they are a little older to have more understanding but, when we have a child with two same sex parents it just seems that this is brought up earlier. Also does this child also grow up thinking they need to be in a gay relationship as well. I wonder are there any studies from children that grew up this way on there take on life. Same sex couples exposure is so new just curious of what’s happening to these children as they grow.


Word of the day is calmness

When we encounter situation in our life’s the way we react can change the whole outcome. If you get to excited a small issue can become a bigger battle than what you are prepared for. Fire needs water not gasoline. Remain calm and analyze the situation at hand and thing about the ways it can be handled. I know some issues are so emotional that all you can do is react and think later but how many times have you done that and realized you made an simple issue last longer than it should have. Instead of the flames being extinguished you restarted the fire leading to more damage than it originally created. Calmness is our word for the day as we have no idea what’s coming our way but we are preparing our minds to remain calm and not be haste so there will be no regrets. 🙏❤


“Tears are words that your heart can’t express.” I read this saying and started to really focus on it and it’s so true as our tears is another language that show emotions from deep within. When you are over joyed the tears can flow as words can’t even explain the wonderful feeling you have discovered. During sad times when you are fighting to understand why and how the tears represent those questions and some of the answers that you must learn to deal with. Crying is also a good way to purge the soul since it holds the key to things not spoken aloud but kept bottle up just waiting to come out and it flows from your eyes and afterward there is a moment of calmness and understanding. Tears is not a form of weakness but cleansing for the soul! ❤🙏