Thank God for forgiveness


How many times have we done or said something that we knew in our heart wasn’t right but we did it anyway? How many people you met along the way that you caused some form of pain? How many times have we said sorry but repeated the same actions? We have all done things in our lives that we may not be so proud of. Isn’t wonderful to know that God can and will still forgive us if we ask him in a sincere and humble way. We are not perfect but we need to strive a little harder to do what’s right and stop thinking that you will be given a second chance to fix it. Second chance are not promises they’re gifts given to us. Don’t take them for granted but learn how to do right the first time around.


Forgiveness goes both ways


When people do us wrong the hurt from the action is painful that at the time we don’t ever believe that there is a way to forgive that person. We also react in ways that make us look like we have never done wrong or made any mistakes in our life that we wish there was a rewind button. Forgiveness is a hard thing to do but it’s so necessary if we want to be able to live a life of peace. Not only peace around us but the peace on the inside. Many of us are carrying burdens with us that we never let go of. Some of this pain is from years ago and even from people who have passed on, but we harvest it inside.  This unforgiven is eating away at our souls and our happiness. Leading to us to remain stressful and even gain medical conditions that could have been avoided. I am also dealing with learning how to let the past be just that the past and not let it harvest inside and slowly destroy me and my future. Is it easy not at all. It’s only when we stop and realize that we ourselves may have caused hurt and pain to others and we expect forgiveness can you start to understand that how can we expect to be forgiven if we can’t forgive? It’s a work in progress, it goes back to fixing the man in the mirror first before trying to fix everyone else. Life is a journey of new experience and no matter what the age it’s never to late to change. Don’t do it for the person that hurt you, be selfish and do it for you. Peace of mind, peace within your soul and body. A better you, because your worth it and remember your not perfect either.  Keep the faith to push on in this journey that full of twist and turns and ups and downs. Your never alone, our heavenly father is there with you. 🙂

Forgive me


Forgiveness is available for all of us, the biggest question is are we also willing to forgive others the same way God forgives us?  We go to God and ask him for mercy but your brothers and sisters we turn away and many times never speak to them for days, weeks, months and even years. Suppose God treated us the way we treat others ; where would we be today?  This is just another reason to be thankful for God’s grace and mercy towards us. Let’s try to see if we can do better and show the love that God has for us to others.