Whose changing, you say that I’m the one whose acting different but you forgot about what led me to act this way.šŸ¤” All was well until your head started to swell with envy. Thought we were tight and could stick together throughout the night but now I realize that this was never real. You had like the idea of having someone by your side when you was down and out.  That safety net was what I was and it was find for your phony behind,  but through prayers and me being real the truth was finally revealed.  My eyes were open to the nonsense that others saw and ran from.  I had your back for a fact but you played that you didnt even know me from Jack.  When I was down you showed your colors and laugh, probably wishing it was my last. But you forgot that I serve a living God that sits up high and looks down low and see all the hate and fakes.  Do I  wish you wrong no, because I will not step down to the level that your on. You forgot how much I know you so when you do things it’s just to try to get to me. It did at first but now its a laugh. I remove the negative vibes that was around me and boy I can surely see. The rain, the fog, the snow its all cleared and gone. The weight is lifted; the weight is gone and I finally was able to say so long.