Advice is something that we all can use from time to time. What’s important is the way it’s giving to us. Sometimes when we get it and we didn’t ask for it and we can feel a kind of way, wondering who said I need help making a decision. It makes you feel incompetent but you must overlook your feelings at times and listen to the advice that is coming and analyze it to see if it’s something you can use. One of the hardest things is to see our own fault and to reach out for help. Our pride can become our down fall if we are not careful. As a person given advice, approach it with sensitivity and understand that advice is something also based mostly on an opinion and doesn’t have to be taken. Not all advice are good at the moment it’s being given. Reflect on the situation and what’s being told and see where it fits in and how it can make you a better person. In the end that’s the goal we need to achieve. Being a better you!



Don’t be afraid of the unexpected just pray for God’s grace and mercy to see you through it. There are so many things that take place daily that are at times out of our control not everything but some things that you may not expect take place at that moment. Learning how to be prepare is not doable since you will be surprise how all that preparation goes out the door during that time. Just keep praying each day for guidance and understanding to deal with things not in our control and realize it’s either for us to achieve or learn something that is missing from our lives.