​Ever wonder what life would be like if all your worries were gone, what would you do with all that time? Would you still remember to pray and thank God for another day? Would you treasure your love ones and let them know your their and they have nothing to fear? Would you travel more or be just a bore living a life without meaning or care?  Could it be these worries we face is whats making us go on? Helping us to know that there much to live for and nothing should be taking for granted. Suppose these problems are what give us the strength to fight for our love ones and to realize that Lord, I do need you to make it through, because clearly I don’t know what to do. Perhaps our worries are not all bad but the key to opening doors that we would have overlooked. In the end we give God thanks for everything,  for our life and the strength to deal with and face our worries and troubles.

#thankful #trustgod 


Whose plan

​Your plan may not be the same plan God has for you. You keep running and stumbling it’s time to stop going your way and try God’s way. Is it easy? NO Will you survive and doing it alone? Possible but think of how it been working out for you this for? Are you where you suppose to be? It’s time to try a new path. You calling on him in time of need why not talk to him even when there’s no need? Begin today by just saying thank Lord for this day and moment.  #humbleyourself #changebeginswithyou 



​The storms are blowing and I’m being toss from side to side just trying to grab that branch that will be strong enough to hold me through. The other ones were weak and I ended up tumbling but I hear the Lord telling me continue holding on don’t let go even though it seems impossible right now. The storm won’t last forever it’s temporary.  How long is temporary?  Temporary is just that for a time sooner than you think. Your patience are being tested along with your faith. Will you trust me and know that through the last storms I was there and you made it through. Don’t forget my goodness and mercy that I have already shown you.😇😉💖🤔

Protect my heart

​With the tears that fall,my heart gets shattered, When the tears dry so is the cement that is becoming a shield on my heart and emotions. You will have to use passion with compassion to slowly chip away.  It will take patience, love and dedication. My heart becomes an art that is to be viewed and admire it. There no bid high enough to get in only true love and endurance will help you enter in. Once you get in realize this is a gift to be treated with respect,  because the next walls that get build will be harder to fall. 



We all have goals and many times we don’t always accomplish them in the timely manner that we set for our own selves.  Sometimes we beat ourselves up so much that we begin to feel like we just can’t do anything right. Our words can make us or break us to a point of no return. It’s one thing when others put us down but when we start doing it it’s more destructive. Set realistic goals and know that change takes time. Your main goal is to not give up on yourself  


​Why do you watch me with such envious eyes? Have you forgotten my struggles and the tears I cried, you watching what I have and how far I’ve come, but how about the pain and suffering that I dealt with? How about the betrayal of friends and family? The way you stare as if you don’t care about my life or anything that once matter to you. Have that green-eyed monster capture you and brain wash you?  Is this really you and it your true colors shining through.  Perhaps, I was blinded by my compassion and love to not see this ugliness, that stares at me with dripping teeth waiting to devour me and take all hope away. But I fought through this before and I will fight again because I’ve come to far to start over again. One day you will look pass me and dwell on yourself and focus on your struggles and know one else. Instead of adding to my pain and driving me insane work on you and see what you can do to strive and survive just as I do. Don’t hate but learn to appreciate because your time is coming and it will be great. 

Gossip ….beware 

  • Many times when we see two people whispering the first think we wonder is what or who are they talking about. Some people are bold enough to go over and join the conversation and put their two cents in. The problem with gossip is the ones gossiping get so excited that any and everything comes out their mouth and this can lead to false accusations,  secrets being revealed and overall hurting someone’s feeling.  Self control is needed to avoid issues that could have been avoided in the first place. Many friendships are tested through surviving gossip. Can you trust a gossiper who have revealed secret about others? How do you know your secrets haven’t  been revealed and that’s why you saw sudden changes in people.  We all have gossip at one time in our lives and we probably all have said things we wish we could take back. So before starting or joining the gossip column stop and think about the long term results. 

Hey you I got something to tell you…Guess what I heard…..Stop playing really….oh my goodness I can’t believe he did that……she said what…….😲😭🤔😔

Stop the gossiping 😔😭😭😢😠😠