God is watching

What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?
Romans 8:31 KJV

Many times during the test we wonder if this is true🤔 it seems as if the enemy is just attacking left and right and there is no hope 😣 we trust God but we want him to do something now while the chaos is upon us and our backs are against the wall 😔 But we know that throughout our life God has always showed up and we can’t loose hope now🙄 during the test your testimony is being created and today we know victory is coming☺ we will not allow Satan to destroy our peace, happiness and sanity no devil it’s not yours for the taken😠 you will not try and control my life and sit back and smile at my tears, no you will not win this battle because I’m not given up the fight😎 you thought you had me and you almost did but in case you forgot my Heavenly Father is still on the throne looking down and he said his will will be done as it is in heaven so shall it be here on earth, my victory is coming in the mist of the storm 🙂 what it looks like right now to the human eye is not so in God’s eyes when he say let it be and my enemy have to be scatter and the tables turn then you will see that God stood by his word to never leave you or forsake you😉 through the pain we will gain strength we feel broken but there is nothing God can’t fix😊 Heavenly Father we come to you as humbly as we know how to ask that you will step in and turn the situation around, remove the sadness, anger and joy that the devil is trying to destroy we declare victory in Jesus Precious Amen we declare the atmosphere to change in our favor in Jesus Precious Amen we declare that today all plots of the enemy backfires in Jesus Precious Amen we know Lord you are the Alpha and Omega the beginning and the end and we are trusting you this moment, we are believing you that you will show up and while the devil thinks he has shame us the shame and defeat is coming back his way in Jesus Precious Amen😇 we say thank you Lord in advance for helping us through and stepping in we thank you Lord for being merciful and looking beyond our faults to see our needs and we thank you Lord 🙏🙏💖


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