​Why do you watch me with such envious eyes? Have you forgotten my struggles and the tears I cried, you watching what I have and how far I’ve come, but how about the pain and suffering that I dealt with? How about the betrayal of friends and family? The way you stare as if you don’t care about my life or anything that once matter to you. Have that green-eyed monster capture you and brain wash you?  Is this really you and it your true colors shining through.  Perhaps, I was blinded by my compassion and love to not see this ugliness, that stares at me with dripping teeth waiting to devour me and take all hope away. But I fought through this before and I will fight again because I’ve come to far to start over again. One day you will look pass me and dwell on yourself and focus on your struggles and know one else. Instead of adding to my pain and driving me insane work on you and see what you can do to strive and survive just as I do. Don’t hate but learn to appreciate because your time is coming and it will be great. 


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