Gossip ….beware 

  • Many times when we see two people whispering the first think we wonder is what or who are they talking about. Some people are bold enough to go over and join the conversation and put their two cents in. The problem with gossip is the ones gossiping get so excited that any and everything comes out their mouth and this can lead to false accusations,  secrets being revealed and overall hurting someone’s feeling.  Self control is needed to avoid issues that could have been avoided in the first place. Many friendships are tested through surviving gossip. Can you trust a gossiper who have revealed secret about others? How do you know your secrets haven’t  been revealed and that’s why you saw sudden changes in people.  We all have gossip at one time in our lives and we probably all have said things we wish we could take back. So before starting or joining the gossip column stop and think about the long term results. 

Hey you I got something to tell you…Guess what I heard…..Stop playing really….oh my goodness I can’t believe he did that……she said what…….😲😭🤔😔

Stop the gossiping 😔😭😭😢😠😠


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