Hello God, you out there?

We face some difficulties from time to time to the point where we feel like given up. Throwing our hands up and walking away from life. Why aren’t things going my way? How much longer must I wait? Does anybody hears me or even cares? Hello God, you out there?   Yes, he’s out there and he sees what your going through and he have even told you what to do. One problem we face is that we feel that God is always going to talk to us in a plain voice that we can hear and understand. Sometimes he will but other  times he will send his answers to your in a different format. It may be through another person that you meet, through something you read, or even something we see or hear. You can listen to a song over and over and never realized what the lyrics were talking about. Till that moment when you are in need of an answer and then it like someone turned on the light switch and revealed what you was looking for. We go through trials for few reasons. Sometimes we can’t wait on God so we go ahead and do our own thing and now we are all tangled up and got to  be fixed and made straight again. Have you ever had your necklace or chains get tangled and if you pull at it, it could break so you have to take your time and pick through it until it’s release. Well that’s the same thing with us, God have to pick through the tangles to get you back on track. Our God is gentle and loving and he wants to make sure you come out with the least amount of pain if possible, so that’s why our trial period seems long. Can he get you out faster, yes he can and he probably did several times, but let’s keep it real some knots are harder to release than others. If you ever knotted up a material you will see once the knot is out the material is wrinkled showing evidence that something happened. That the same with our life’s.  After we get through the trial period there is evidence that we been through if not physical then emotional, but something is there. Today, let’s try to have a little more patience and wait on God to answer, he knows what’s best for us. He sees which path will bring us Joy today and which path will bring you hurt first before you reach that Joy. God allow us to make our own decisions and he walks with you along the way. We are always face with forks in the roads, and it’s up to us to choose. It’s good to know that no matter which way we go that God is there and will be the light to guide us through. Stay bless my friend don’t worry about not always making the right choices just know that with God all things are possible and he is listen. God thank you for listening and speaking but most of all for walking by my side. 


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