Move on 

It difficult at times when you finally realized that those by your side where not really your cheerleaders but just spectators waiting for you to fall. Waiting to pull out the camera or their fingers to point and shoot and say I told you so. ..I knew you would fall….Why did you even try. The negative vibes echoes in the skies, with a loud sound of Now What!  Do you trust your gut and try or do you not even give a try but allow fear to win. You got a chance now to move on my friend and say to Mr. Negative you got the wrong one today. You and Mrs.Fear can kindly go. Take with you the friends that turn out to be my foes. Even my family that shouted Oh, Hell  No!  Yes, I tried and hear to say look closely because I did survive.  Now you wondering how and why. In case you couldn’t figure it out its because I tried. 


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