What would you do?

 Just random thoughts please provide your answers.

It’s late and your waiting on the train platform with your three year old and an elder woman faints and fall on the train tracks. Your now recovering from a back injury. The lady is screaming help, your son is crying saying do something. The train schedule shows the train is coming in 7 mins.  To get to the token clerk you have to run to the other end of the platform and hope they are there. You look but for help on the platform and there a pregnant lady at the other end with her head phones on.  Two teenagers on the other platforms both with music on because they haven’t turned once with all the noise.

A. You tell you son to stay here and you try to help the lady even though as you bend you feel your back starting to lock

B. You run to get help while holding your son

C. You coach the elderly woman to lie down on the tracks until you get help. She still screaming saying don’t let me die



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