Random Thoughts

Your friend invited you to another friend going away party for his son to college.  Lots of people are there and the son gets about $1,000 for him going away to college the parents give this heart touching speech how proud they are and thank you all because times been extremely hard paying off medical bills since they loss their jobs. It’s late and you leave the party and about three blocks away you see two guys that were at the party in counting money and they say..we hit the jackpot tonight.  Your tired and can’t believe they stole the money what’s the chance of that.  However they spot you and corner you and say if we get caught because of you we coming to get you. they push you and you walk away  they yell out we know you live on……street and your amaze that they know this

A. You turn around and confront them and let them know that  family needs that money

B. You speed walk to get home and sleep and forget about it.  After all its not your friend.

C.  You tell your friend and let him handle it. Which means you will probably be involved too.


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