Stop the contamination

Many times we have heard that sin cause destruction and we grow up thinking that it only means certain type of sin. The thing we must keep in mind when we do wrong and know it, we must ask for forgiveness. Don’t take it lightly, also work hard at not letting this destructive behavior become the way you choose to live. Why ask for forgiveness from God and those we hurt, because you need to stop the contamination that will destroy your mind, body and soul. Here is an example of how we can contaminate ourselves with wrong doing. Just imagine a hot day and you made a pitcher of lemonade or raspberry ice tea and your about to pour it out when you look and there a big dead fly floating in it.  How do you feel.. upset at all your hard work is now in vain but you know you can start over? Do you not care and take the fly out and still enjoy your drink? Personally, I would have to spill it and wash the pitcher and start over again to put my mind at ease. Same thing when we do wrong. Until we ask for forgiveness and start over so the contamination stops we will continue to destroy our system. We know that bug have a disease we won’t want it in our body. It’s the same thing. It’s never to late to start over, the longer we wsit the harder it is to fix but having that peace of mind will take you along way. Know one is perfect but knowing when your wrong and working toward fixing it, is what makes the difference. Start today and fix that broken relationship or issues that you dwell on, that secretly eats you up at night. As God to guide and help you through.  Change begins with you.



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