Keep hanging


Just push a little further through the disappointments and you will see that you are going to smile again.  Down but not out, your time is coming again. Keep the faith and never stop believing in yourself.


One thought on “Keep hanging

  1. Reblogged this on ScrapNotes and commented:
    People say I am a daydreamer, I live in dreamland because I have hope. Well I guess, I am not the only out here.
    Ya we all live in dreamland called Earth. All in this vast universe the only little place where there is a hope for life form to perish. Earth would have been a dreamland to lifeform at its earliest stages.

    Hope is the thing That never stops at all. It lies in the dream of a better tomorrow. What is there in tomorrow depends on the man’s deed of present. Hope gives you the positive strength in your wildest dreams to fight the hardship of tomorrow in the hope of having a better tomorrow.

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