Your blessing is coming

Just wanted to share this little message to encourage others out there who feel like their prayers are not being answered. God is real and he do talk to us if we learn to humble ourselves and just listen. While I was praying asking for something I got my reply not exactly what I was expecting but it woke me up and made me stop in my tracks. How many times we pray for the same thing over and over again. I’m guilty for that but I will learn to wait now. The message was why do you keep ringing the bell and not wait for the person to answer the door. If you stop and analyze this message it’s so true it’s the same way with the elevator button you press like it will come faster instead of just waiting. If we know the person we went to visit is home why do we keep pressing the bell continuously instead of waiting for them to get there. We stay believing that God is not listening but he is just learn to let him get to the door first.


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