Take a stand

We work so hard and go beyond expectations because of our work ethics and you stop and see that once again you are being overlooked and the possibility of being of someone coming over you making more money is getting more real by the moment. All that hard work and late nights, texts and stress for nothing? To be looked at by others as being worthless. I maybe be wrong especially in this day and age but if that’s the case I will have to let my pride take the best of me and resigned. There no way I can sit back and train someone that will be making more than me. Sorry just can’t deal with that daily pain of humiliation and knowing all I have done was in vain. Lord if it’s your will I trust you will supply my needs and open the door that is needed. I have so many mixed feelings that it horrible but staying in that dept is not an option for me at all. There comes a time when your faith will be tested can you pass the test. Sooner or later time will tell. Preparing my mind mentally if this shall be my fate.



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