Stop thinking so much

“Some troubles are imaginary, but the suffering they cause is real.”

I saw this quote and it had me thinking at first why would they say the trouble was imaginary and then I realize that there are times when we are in certain situations that we start to think about only the negative outcome of the situation and through this constant thinking and stress we can end up making ourselves sick for no reason! It’s like waiting from results from a test that the doctor took all you can focus on is what will happen now that I’m sick and dying, yet know one told you your diagnoses. That also makes me think how many people search the Internet for symptoms they are having and see the worse illness and automatic feel this is what they have when it could just be a simple rash from an allergic reaction or simple cold. We do go overboard in our thoughts. Finding the bright side seems to be miles away. Imagine how many people may have died because they were worried about an illness they didn’t even have. I wonder if there any statistics on that. Overall we need to try not to get carry away with the troubles in our minds and deal with only facts. Stop thinking if your husband or wife is having affair and going crazy get the facts and then react. We all need to slow down our minds that flowing like a run away train ready to jump the tracks. 20130909-210925.jpg


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