Learning to wait

Learning to wait patiently on your blessing is not an easy task. Many times you wonder if you are waiting in vain and if you should in fact give up on what you want. Perhaps what we want isn’t what we need but we would never truly want to believe that. Have you ever wanted something and then got it and realized it wasn’t what you wanted at all? I think many can relate to even purchasing an item and then you got home and said why did I buy that now those are simple stuff, but suppose you wanted to have a lot of money so bad that instead of waiting for that promotion you decide to steal just think of all the trouble that one impatient action caused . Just thinking if you will get caught, who needs that stress and if you do get caught then jail becomes your new address not worth it. You have to just realize in life nothing comes before its time. Learning patience seems to be a lifetime lesson that is never truly mastered. However throughout time we did learn that it’s best to wait on several things instead of rushing to get into things that you may not be ready for either physically or emotionally.



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