Today’s word is humor, yes we all need to be able to laugh at life at times. You need to have a good sense of humor if you want to make it in this world. There’s a saying that God has the biggest sense of humor out there. As when we are planning one thing in our lives something totally different can take place that will turn your plans around. This is why you have to take one day at a time. Find time each day to laugh even if its at yourself at something ridiculous you did or said. Laughter is good for your health as it can help lower your pressure and reduce stress. We have so many serious moments lets add some fun ones too. Go on your Facebook, twitter or linking page and put up something funny share a joke as there maybe someone out there who needs something to lighten their mood. Have you laugh today if not go look in the mirror and just smile lets see what happens.



2 thoughts on “Humor

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