Today’s positive word is gratitude! Are you thankful for the things you have and those around you? Are you just always reflecting on the things you don’t have? We have more positive things going for us than we know but it’s mostly damping by that negative cloud that we let overtake us from time to time. You may not have the money you want right now but as long as your alive there is away for you to get it especially if your healthy. We make mistakes in our lives but be thankful that you were able to learn from it and grow. The more gratitude you have toward life the more positive things will happen. You can’t expect in life nothing will ever go wrong if that was the case then you might as well not even be alive, yes in our experience either bad or good there is a part of us that grow and learn how to cope with situation. How to appreciate and know nothing is forever so show gratitude while your still able to. Each day you need to give thanks for another day as its an opportunity to turn things around. Don’t take life for granted thinking you suppose to be here, be thankful that The Lord allow you to be here once more as there will be a time when or time will be up so make sure before that time comes you show gratitude.



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