Today’s word is envy. Do you find wishing you could be like someone else or just have what they got? We may have all had one moment or another where you say oh I wish I could look like her or drive that car that he have but have we ever stop to think if that person you are envious of is happier than you are? Perhaps they got a good body but maybe it’s because they have other physical or emotional problem that have them this way. Yea that guy have a great car but is he able to sleep at night and not worry if he will be able to make the payment and still be able to eat. Looking through the window things always look great but when you go through the door then reality hits. We must learn to appreciate who we are and what we have as its ours. In time with planning and some changes you can also achieve things you desire but let it be at the right time and not for the wrong reasons. You are unique so appreciate who you are!




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