38 years

By God’s grace in a couple of days I will be 39, but before moving on time to appreciate 38! Let me take this break to concentrate on my date and it may sound fake but I feel great and have no hate. I want to initiate being jubilant because of being a live. In life we need to think that Karma is real and something that will prevail but back to 38, at times I was late but aways make it my priority to appreciate and celebrate those around me. Sometimes had to tell the naked truth that may have obliterate some people in my life. I remain positive and looked only for quality and not quantity as it does matter. So how to I rate 38, by saying each day and year that you spend is a blessing. Hey where’s my steak, hmm couple days left so have time to take a bite. Unfortunately some friends I known have pass during this time gone but never forgotten it allow you vest time in things worth investing in as you never know when xtra time will be no more and zoom past you and have you wondering what have I done or should have done. Thank you Lord for 38 and help me to be fine at 39! šŸ˜ƒā¤šŸ™



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