Is it broken?

If it’s broken why not fix it? You know what needs to be repair and you think about it and form a decision but never seems to carry out the plan to fix the problem. You would sit back and complain and not be happy but do nothing? Things that affect your life should be fixed instead of just pondering on what to do. Most times you know what needs to be done but just not how to start. Examine the situation and see how bad you want to change it if its bearable then you need to stop complaining about it and move it to the not broken list. We would more so try to fix things that are not broken instead of dealing with the problem parts first. Perhaps we know its easier to fix what isn’t broken and you end up feeling as if you accomplish a goal but, have you? If your not careful you may end up breaking things that were never broken and make them beyond repair. So before you gear up with you handyman tools review what needs repairing, destroying, recycling and burning first and leave the good stuff alone. Every item has a little imperfection some are so unnoticeable that it’s worth over looking. Don’t throw away a good thing!❤😀🙏



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