Who are you?

Was reading my book about achieving your goals in a year and one interesting passage was for you to define your personal mission statement. Corporation and business all have them but what is your personal mission? What is your purpose out here? I ask this question to myself on several occasion as you would hope that your not just living to live but hopefully have impacted someone life along the way. Many parents impact their children lives in both positive and negative depending on the situation at hand and how you was raised. Some of us came from big families others from small ones but either way it made you part of who you are today. This is your chance now to make that desirable change you always wanted to make. If you could do things differently would you? I would if I could but at the same time I realize without those experience I wouldn’t be who I am today. So perhaps you are who you are suppose to be and you need to learn to appreciate who you are . Make the necessary alteration but be thankful for the person.



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