Is it greener on the other side

While in a relationship you have friends of the opposite sex and they are your friends because they do have an interest in you and deep down they hope one day you could be with them. You find one of your friend to be more open minded and share their feelings more freely. You start to wonder why is this happening. You lover or intimate friend isn’t big on words but does show actions that he/she cares and possible do love you. Just because one can say it doesn’t mean they can truly show it. Actions do speak louder than words right? So now if this friend decide they want to get bold and actually say to you will you marry me what do you do? Is this friend sincere? Should you take the chance? At the same time nothing is wrong with your current relationship so there is no need to end it or is there? You may leave something you know for something you may regret as they say if it isn’t broken don’t fix and don’t break so you have an excuse to fix it!



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