When to be honest?

Can you be honest at all times?

It’s pretty easy to say,” “Sure, I’ll be honest. Sounds like a noble idea. Why not?” But you will never truly know if you are capable of honesty until you are tested. Honesty is not easy. It carries with it great rewards, but it is hard to put into action in certain situations.”

This passage is from a book I am currently reading and it truly makes you wonder why we usually use ethics when it’s favor us more so than its the right thing to do. So many excuses we come up with. Sometimes we may feel that we have no impact so we allow things to pass by without thinking twice. You find a bag of money you don’t turn it over to authority you keep it and say God bless me with it. But did he or does it belong to someone who loss it and may need it just as bad as you, is it fair?
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by Jason Harvey
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