We can always point fingers at others and forget once again to look at ourselves. Why do we have different standards for others than we have for ourselves? The funny part is its not like we put our standards up we actually lower it and then expect others to meet our high standards that we have set for them. Mistakes are made by many and instead of helping and understanding we criticize them like we have never fallen short. Oh that man in the mirror is truly something else at times. We must learn to humble ourselves so we will think faster than we point fingers, more willing to help than to gossip. As Jesus had tell the merchants and the people who wanted to stone the woman who had sin that those without sin cast the first stone everyone drop it as they realize they too have some form of sin. Not perfect but striving for it may never make it but will work at it. Learn to help each other instead of bringing them down as they are already dealing with the hurt and frustration so they don’t need your help feeling worst. In life there are some mistakes that will never be forgotten due to the effects it caused so you just have to face it and learn from it. ❤🙏



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