Prince Charming who

Many times we vision what we would like to find in a companion mostly we say yes he needs to be talk, dark , and handsome or she got to have that hour glass figure tall legs and long hair. The reality is we may never find someone that fit that criteria so what do we do over look the one that is by your side and wiling to see you through it all because he don’t fit what you had in mind. So many people loose out on mr or ms wonderful because they can’t look beyond their fairy tale vision. Yes some day my prince will come but will it be this century or has he already came but you can’t look beyond what is in front of you. Prince Charming should be based on his inner self as at the end of the day you need to know who you are with and are they there for you as well how sincere is their love for you. If you only focus on outward appearance and not on the inner man you will find yourself in trouble as that outer appearance will one day change and then what will you have? Someone that have no interest or love for you. Don’t be quick to overlook that so call ugly duckling as with the right person the swan will soon appear. β€πŸ™



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