Ever sit back from time to time and reflect on your life and those who came in it and stayed as well as those who are gone. Each person that enters your precious life leaves an imprint of some kind with you wither it’s good or bad. Sometimes we had to make choices to let people go because they where not good for us but we did have times so you do stop and reminisce of what was and wonder what could have been. Some of these issues we encounter could have been our fault. Some could have been handle differently but either way it took place and now you are where you are. The hands of time only move forward but does allow you to look back and learn from what was. Are you better off? You would never know as with each decision leads a different outcome to our life. You truly need to think things through before reacting as you maybe turn on a path that isn’t exactly what you thought and also it maybe the best path you ever taking. It’s just life where the future is unseen but can be influence by our actions.



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